A guide to weight…

As a general guide to ordering weights of beef, consider the following terms:

Live Weight

The actual weight of the animal on the hoof.

Hanging Weight

The weight of the beef sans the icky bits.

The average hanging weight is approximately 60% of live weight.

Take Home Weight

The weight of the meat you take home.

The take home weight is approximately 65-70% of hanging weight.


  • 1200 pounds live weight
  • 1200 * 60% = 720 pounds hanging weight
  • 720 * 65% = 468 pounds take home weight

Keep in mind that these stellar bovine naturally vary a bit in size,
so all of these weights are just estimates.

A guide to order sizing…

Typically, when ordering beef, you will order by specifying either whole beef, half (½) beef, or quarter (¼) beef. These are, as you would expect, the complete animal, half the animal, or one quarter of the animal.

A guide to pricing…

$5.50 per pound hanging weight

The current price of our beef is $5.50 per pound hanging weight. So, how does this break down?

Well, in the above example, we have a total live weight of 1200 pounds. Therefore, the hanging weight would be approximately 720 pounds. Therefore, if you were to buy this particular animal, it would cost $3960 (720 * $5.50).

Now, if we convert this to take home weight, it would be 468 pounds for $3960 which is ~$8.46 per pound.

That’s all good, but what cuts will I get???

In a half of beef there are approximately:

12 roasts

14 T-bone steaks

5 sirloin steaks

5 sirloin tip steaks

14 rib-eye steaks

6 round steaks.

short ribs

flank steak

stew meat


~75lbs ground beef (!!!)

We can tell your mouth is watering already!

You can choose to have any of the cuts made into ground beef.  If you have a lot of your steaks and roasts made into ground beef you will have less packaged meat than the “standard cuts”.  

If you have a lot of your beef de-boned you will have less packaged meat than average.

How this works

Once we take your order, our beef processor will contact you to go through a list of questions about how you want your beef cut and wrapped.  

Some of the questions you should be prepared to answer are:

  • How thick you want your steaks?
  • How many steaks per package?
  • How big you want your roasts?
  • How many pounds of ground beef per package?
  • Do you want soup bones, rib steaks or rib roast or a combination?

This is an easy process and the processor will guide you through it.  

The beef hangs for 14 days to 3 weeks after which the processor cuts and wraps it. Once that’s complete we’ll pick it up and contact you to schedule a pick up date.  You will need to pay in full before receiving any product.